Eco-friendly Products choose the European Ecolabel
Eco-friendly Products choose the European Ecolabel

Project "EU Ecolabel Marketing for Products"

This project “EU Eco-label for Products Marketing” was launched by the European Commission, DG Environment. It is carried out by 9 partners covering more than 13 European countries. Performance period was from 2006 to 2008. 


First step was for all partners to develop individual strategies and adjustments with the related national Competent Bodies (CBs) who are responsible for marketing and for the application procedure, regarding the focus of the project marketing actions in their countries.

Second step was an in-depth marketing reseaarch to identify the potential of companies with products most probably able to meet the strong EU Ecolabel criteria. Most partners decided to cover selected product groups in one region, others just one product group in several countries.

The contacting phase was different depending on the specific situation and idea development: Some contacted some very special company contacts, others held workshops in cooperation with the national competent body. Some contacted also key stake holders such as representatives of industry branches or special interest media.

In several countries the strategy was more a promotion action either to keep existing licence holders in the boat or to initiate pull effects by performing promotion events at trade fairs or in cooperation with retailers such as in the Northern Countries, in Czech and Slovak Republic (with TESCO), in Hungary (with OFFICE SHOP) or in Austria (with LEINER ).