Eco-friendly Products choose the European Ecolabel
Eco-friendly Products choose the European Ecolabel

Products and by-products

The development of the project followed a flexible roll-on strategy. The main tasks offered in the contract agreement in the beginning of 2006 were performed and adaptated during the whole project period.

  • acquisition tasks in all regions
  • participation on strategic big international trade fairs: TEXWORLD and EXPOFIL 2006 and 2007 Paris, IFA Berlin 2006, TEXGATE Istanbul 2007 and EUROPROPRE, Paris 2007, most of them in cooperation with big licence holders: Lenzing, Sharp)
  • contribution to promotion campaigns in Sweden, Denmark and Norway

In a limited scale targets and actions were developed and re-arranged during the project. Facing special challanges and demands the DG Environment gave us the opportunity to switch parts of the planned tasks and to develop some extra special tools and pilot actions:

  • the Marketing Guide in 7 language versions (see the chapter on this website)
  • acquisition workshops in Warsaw, Prague and Budapest - to train and coach acquisition and to develop the synergy between EU and national Ecolabel action
  • synergy workshop in Vienna to improve the synergy of the EU and the national Ecolabel 
  • a best practice trade fair event Graz 2007 with "flower artists", quiz game, cooperation with a local newspaper and a bakery chain
  • a cross-border promotion cooperation with retailers in Austria (with LEINER), Czech and Slovak Republic (with TESCO) and Hungary (with OFFICE DEPOT) with a special set of promotion tools
  • the AcquiGuide (brochure and slides) a guide for acquisition summarising the experience of work and partners
  • this tool website