Eco-friendly Products choose the European Ecolabel
Eco-friendly Products choose the European Ecolabel

The EU Ecolabel Marketing Guide...

is a brochure for licence holders and interested companies. It shows ways to integrate the EU Ecolabel into the marketing strategy and how to use the Flower in Marketing in an effective and successful way.
Attached there is a 2-page checklist which helps to assess the level of Ecolabel integration into the company's Product marketing and derive a strategy to improve the implementation.
During the project year 2008 the brochure was translated into the following languages: Czech, English, French, German, Greek, Polish, Spanish. The digital prints was dessiminated in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Republic, Spain and United Kingdom.
You can download the following language versions of the brochure and the supplement checklist by clicking the links. Choose either a low resolution version for sreen or home printing or a high resolution version for professional production by a print or copy shop:
  • Czech:       Marketing Guide (low, high, highcut) and Checklist (pdf, doc)
  • English:     Marketing Guide (low, high) and Checklist (pdf, doc
  • French:      Marketing Guide (low, high)  and Checklist (pdf, doc)
  • German:    Marketing Guide (low, high) and Checklist (pdf, doc)
  • Greek:        Marketing Guide (low, high) and Checklist (pdf, doc)
  • Polish:       Marketing Guide (low, high) and Checklist (pdf, doc)
  • Spanish:    Marketing Guide (low, high) and Checklist (pdf, doc)
  • Masterfile Word
  • Masterfile English

If you plan another translation feel free to use our English master file (MarketingGuide-text_en.doc) as a basis for your translation. The final text just drag and drop brick by brick into the layout master file (MarketingGuideMaster; 19 MB RAR-ZIP-compressed) in the Indesign-Format. The only condition of doing the tranlsation is to inform the European Commission, DG Environment of your plan and to send a pdf of the final product afterwards (

You can hand over the files to a professional of your choice or to the layout department  of the project team ( which can also provide advice in questions on how to keep  the copyright in particular of the pictures inside the brochure. The copyright of the text is owned by the European Commission, DG Environment (



Files for internal test printing of the Marketing Guide FR: