Eco-friendly Products choose the European Ecolabel
Eco-friendly Products choose the European Ecolabel

Platform for EU Ecolabel Acquisition 2006-2008

This platform is providing reports, tools and information related to the project "EU Ecolabel Marketing for Projects 2006-2008" launched by the European Commission, DG Environment. We still keep this information online because it contains a lot of experience which can be helpful for future action.

Still actual and very helpful also for current Ecolabel action are three:

  • the presentations (as a basis for adaptation)
  • the Marketing Guide
  • the Acquisition Guide presentation


In the meantime, most of the download tools are out of use, in particular the logos which were replaced by a new rectangular version in 2010.

More actual information please find on the website of the follow-up project "EU12 Ecolabel Workshops" at


 Feel free for any feedback or remarks to andreas.scherlofsky(et)


In the name of our team, many thanks for the good cooperation with partners in more than 12 European countries!

We wish you all the best for your successful Ecolabelling activities!

Andreas Scherlofsky
Energon GmbH
and the project team G&L, ACTANET, SPEED, BIOIS, PCBC, ENVIROS, IVAM, EPCA and CES